Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Norwood Teens Reeking Havoc

NORWOOD — Three juveniles were arrested Monday and charged with robbing a 78-year-old woman.
Police say the victim was walking on Elsmere Avenue at around 10:30 a.m. Monday when she was approached from behind by one suspect. Police say he tried pulling her purse from her, knocking her to the ground and causing facial injuries. The suspect then ran off with the purse.
A witness called police and two suspects, a 15-year-old male and a 14-year-old female, were arrested at the scene. The third suspect, a 15-year-old male, was arrested at a nearby residence.
All three suspects were charged with robbery.
At Norwood News and Views we think serious action needs to be taken against the teenagers.  Simply locking them up is not the answer.  However that is all the City of Norwood knows how to do.  The Mayors court in this City is there for one reason and that is to make money.  It is not there to lift up the standards of Norwood.  It is not there to make the quality of life better in Norwood.  It is not there to teach these teenagers how to be better people.  It is not there to make these teenagers see the error of their ways.  Nope, that Mayors Court is there for money.  Nothing more nothing less.  They could care less about these teens and that senior lady. 
However, the teens will be out and about in Norwood in no time.  They will be roaming a neighborhood near you this summer.  They will be out hanging on Sherman Avenue.  They will be standing in front of the High School at dismissal time.  They will be tauting the police officers as they ride by.  They will be smoking weed and blunts.  This is natural and normal for them. 
Norwood News and Views hope our senior resident is okay and doing better.  For someone to violate a person is terrible, but at the age of 78 it is deplorable!  The scars that are left from this will effect her the rest of her life.  Some physical scars may go away, but the emotional scars will be there forever.  At 10:30 a.m. on a Monday,  the teens were suppose to be in school. 
Why were the teens not in school?  Why were they left to walk the streets and terrorize the community?  Where was the police to stop them and demand they get in school or off the streets?  Why didn't the police ride by and offer the lady a ride to where ever she was going?  Why don't we have transportation for our seniors?    Why can't our seniors pick up their phones and make a call and be transported to their destination?  Why can't we offer our seniors a safer way of life?  These are questions I will be asking our Mayor and City Council Members. 
It was this senior yesterday if we don't take action it could be our loved one or worst case scenario it could be us.  And it may not be facial injuries it may result in death. 

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